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“Atlanta Cooks!” Raves!

Marietta, GA, November 7, 2004 – Marti Giacobe, local real estate agent and cook, chatted about her latest cookbook, Beans, Bullets, and Canapés – Feeding A Fighter Pilot And A Few Other Boys And Girls with radio show host J.J. Jackson, Atlanta’s Rock and Roll Food Guy on “Atlanta Cooks!” (WGST radio 640 am).

“A great book that’s out there, and the reason why I love this book is that it’s in that personable format … like some of the great community cookbooks,” Jackson said. “There’s all kinds of stuff in here, you might want to give this one a shot.”

Marti breaks out of the traditional shell of sharing recipes one card at a time with her book. Beans, Bullets, and Canapés – Feeding A Fighter Pilot And A Few Other Boys And Girls. Covering appetizers to desserts with over 200 recipes and 16 pages of full color photos, the book offers a food view of traveling the world with tasty recipes and memorable stories about life as a military wife and working mom all from the front burner of a range.

“You can actually slaughter a steer? With your bare hands?” asked Jackson. “Well, yes and no.” Marti replied. “I studied Institutional and Restaurant Management at the University of Illinois. I can eviscerate a carcass, carve it up and even make sausage. I learned that at Kansas State.” Jackson asked, “Sausage? I love that Chorizo recipe you have in the book!”

“So, are you Italian? I betcha there was a requirement for good food in your family,” J.J. asked. “No, I’m Italian only by association. That would be my husband, Tony. Cooking was important in the family, but the family cook was Tony’s grandmother, who came over to this country with Tony’s dad in the early 1900s. She was the cook.”

“I see you’ve even done cooking competitions? How did that turn out?” Jackson asked. “Well, one year we organized a “Ready, Set, Cook” competition on our street, giving each of our neighbors a bag of ingredients. We used a two hour time limit and stipulated no one could leave the cul-de-sac to buy anything else. It was fun! Somebody said Tony Giacobe is the only guy who could get the whole neighborhood to cook for his wife’s birthday.”

“There’s great recipes in here for Cornish Pasties, there’s all kinds of great Mexican breakfasts, and fried fish with tartar sauce, I mean a lot of great stuff in here”, said Jackson. “Thank you so much, it’s a great book, we really enjoyed looking at it. Look at those Quick Caramel Rolls in there … yummy, yummy, yummy!”

Beans, Bullets, and Canapés is available online at www.beansbullets.com for $16.95, plus tax and shipping, or direct from the author at 770-425-6735.

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