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Chapter VIII. Soups

In February 1991, we moved to Fort Riley, occupying temporary quarters for six months before moving to permanent quarters in 89A Schofield Circle, facing the Artillery Parade field. Quarters 89 was constructed in 1905 in the Pond/Jacobs era, and measured approximately 5500 square feet on our side of the common wall, with unfinished basement and a finished third floor. It was so spacious that we had to install a four station intercom system just to find each other. It, like many of the other historically registered buildings, was constructed of limestone block that had been originally quarried from one of the five nearby stone quarries. Since the stone itself was of a soft nature, it was prone to the mechanical action of organic growth in the summer and freezing water in the winter. The 12 foot ceilings and four working fireplaces gave the structure an impressive appearance, but 105 and 155 howitzer firings on the nearby ranges continuously ...

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